Diabetes is a condition that requires constant care and attention, but not only nutritional level, but also about general health. The vascular and circulation problems are common conditions when such a disease and can lead the patient to a complicated medical condition known as diabetic foot.

It is understood by those suffering sensitive feet of any podiatric condition or has some kind of sensitivity in this area, which means that, besides requiring special care, you cannot use any type of shoe or the health of your feet would be compromised.

Although at first glance may seem a minor problem, excessive sweating in our feet brings two important complications that affect our daily lives: the bad smell in the area and the formation of foot fungus, one more foot problems frequently generates inconvenience and discomfort to the sufferer.

When the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, the pain in the heel and sole is installed resulting extremely uncomfortable for the patient, who often see their daily activities limited because of the discomfort.

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