Why are corns and calluses formed?

24 Sep 2013

When you visit a podiatrist, corns and calluses occupy one of the first places among the most common problems that take people to come to this clinic.

And many times we forget how delicate our feet are and the huge impact it has on them the use of inappropriate shoes. Thus, unattractive calluses are often the reflection of little attention we pay to the care of our feet.

Corns and calluses are formed due to friction or rubbing that is generated by the skin from a surface, which is normally the shoe. The accumulation of dead cells gradually forming calluses, when they do not receive the required care and attention eventually becomes painful calluses that require medical attention.

One of the most important aspects to prevent corns and calluses is to use comfortable and quality shoes, made with soft materials that allow our foot to breathe and be comfortable inside our shoes.

In cases where corns occur due to a malformation as hammer toes or bunions, it is also important to choose extra wide shoes which will prevent friction, significantly alleviating the problem.

And when you have callus, exfoliating and moisturizing our feet is important to soften calluses and help them disappear. In cases where pain is installed it is needed to visit a podiatrist to evaluate whether the use of insoles and shoes for insoles.

In Alviflex we remember you the importance of caring for your feet every day, using shoes for delicate feet, made with quality materials to keep your healthy feet and in good condition to take you wherever you want to go.


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