How bunions affect our health?

22 Sep 2013

Bunions hardly go unnoticed. This is a protuberance on the outer edge of big toe of our food that generates discomfort and pain to patients.  Women are more likely to suffer it and new research suggests that possible causes are poorly-fitting shoes and various hormonal factors. Bunions generate a huge impact on the patient's life, coming to intervene with your health that could affect the performance of your daily activities.


At first, when the bunion is in the initial stage, there is pain and discomfort when using narrow shoes or when is barefoot, in addition to the formation of calluses and corns due to bordering on the skin of the bone with our shoes and several surfaces.

But as the bunion progresses, and especially when there is not foot care, the problems increase and the pain is present not only in the joints of the foot, but they can also affect our knees, hips and back, causing significant discomfort.

When it comes to patients with a more active lifestyle, who enjoy hiking or doing physical activities, bunions can have an impact that get difficult to perform such activities. Standing and walking even medium distances can turn into a very annoying experience for bunion sufferers.

The best way to maintain the health and welfare of patients suffering from bunion, is the use of comfortable shoes, preferably extra wide shoes to prevent bone is tight and cause pain and discomfort.

Special insoles for bunions are also widely recommended, as well as frequent visits to a podiatrist to assess the progress of this malformation. In cases where pain affects health and patient’s daily, the recommended solution is surgery, a procedure that will end the problem and return the patient to health again.

In Alviflex we worry about the health of your feet, so we recommend the use of comfortable shoes to relieve the discomfort caused by the bunion and feel you so good day by day.


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