How to take care our feet day by day?

26 Sep 2013

The feet are a fundamental part of the body, support our weight, get us where we want to go and are the first to suffer if we are tired after walking more than usual. But despite its importance we deal little with its care, this lack of attention is reflected over the years, making our feet to develop sensitivities, pain and various foot problems.

Taking care sensitive feet day by day is very simple, so in Alviflex are some tips for you to discover how to keep them healthy and in good condition.

  • Just as we visit our family doctor or other specialist for annual checkups, it is important to go to a podiatrist at least once a year to make a review of our feet and deal with potential problems we may have. The specialist care is important to keep our feet healthy.

  • Choose comfortable footwear, quality, made of good materials, which allow ventilation and properly support your feet, so you will avoid the formation of corns, calluses, problems arising from the impact of walking and fungus growth.

  • Alternate your shoes allowing them to vent, so you reduce the possibility of suffering bacterial diseases.

  • Dry your feet well after bathing and use a special moisturizing foot cream in the morning and before bed, this will help keep them healthy and free of calluses.

  • Employs foot powder daily, thus you will avoid the bacteria generated by sweating commit health of your feet.

  • If you have any orthopedic condition is essential to use insoles and tailor made to correct and alleviate your problem. Likewise you should use shoes for insoles, indicated to help you improve the condition of your feet and your quality of life.

  • If you suffer from diabetes or immune disease is necessary to go periodically to a podiatrist, take good care of the area and wear shoes for sensitive feet, thus you will avoid the complications that these conditions generate on your feet.

Follow the recommendations we give you in Alviflex, watch this important part of the body every day and keep the health of your feet.

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