How to know if I should go to a podiatrist?

25 Sep 2013

The problems and discomfort in the feet are more common than we think. However many people take time to make the decision to visit a specialist for a full review, risking their comfort and health.

In Alviflex we care about the health of your feet, so we give you some clear signs for you to identify in which situations it is important to go to a podiatrist.

  • For any pain or discomfort in your feet is necessary to see a podiatrist for a thorough review, it could be a disease or any condition that must be treated by a specialist.

  • If you suffer from corns or calluses is also important to go to a podiatric consultation to determine what is causing the constant rubbing. This type of feet also requires the use of shoes for sensitive feet.

  • If you have bunions, hammertoes or claw toes, conditions that cause great discomfort in day to day, you need to visit a podiatrist to attend your problem.

  • For people who constantly suffer injuries in the feet, ankles or knees or have joint discomfort when walking, it is important to have an evaluation of a podiatrist.

  • Those who have a flat feet or high arch require the use of orthotics and footwear for insoles to relieve discomfort, so it is appropriate to go to a podiatric consultation.

  • If you suffer from foot or nails fungus, excessive sweating or ingrown toenails you should also visit a podiatrist.

  • If you use orthopedic insoles or orthopedic shoes for women is necessary to go periodically to this specialist on the dates specified by him for each review. Medical care is important in this regard as will help you to correct or relieve discomfort caused by your podiatry problem.

Remember the importance of choosing quality shoes designed especially for your problem, the use of shoes for sensitive feet is most recommended. Consult our catalog designed especially to care for the health of your feet.

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