Podiatric problems and our knees

02 Oct 2013

The health of our feet is very important, not only to avoid aches and pains in this delicate area, but it is the support of our body, when our feet are not healthy other joints can also suffer, as it is the case with our knees.


In cases of flat foot or relaxed food, which has a very pronounced arch, often presents problems associated with pain, fatigue and discomfort in the area, as the disease progresses without attention, they are moved also to the knees and back.

The lack of foot care and not use orthopedic shoes or shoes for delicate feet, discomfort makes achieving progress really affect the patient's daily routine.

Other conditions such as hammertoes and bunions, complaints present with pain and discomfort in your feet, also come to interfere significantly with the state of our joints. Sometimes the patients suffer significant discomfort in his knees due to a podiatry problem.

Consult a specialist for an accurate diagnosis is definitely an important step. In cases in which our knees suffer from this type of conditions, the orthopedic insoles tailor-made and the use of shoes for templates, are the most appropriate recommendations, then they help to significantly improve the quality of patient life correcting or alleviating the problem.

In Alviflex we worry about the health of your feet, so we invite you to use quality shoes and shoes for delicate feet, thus you will guarantee health of the area and major joints like knees, hips and back.

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