What to do if I have flat feet?

03 Oct 2013

Flat foot is a common podiatric complaint, it often presents since childhood, when the tendons do not completely tense thus affecting the arc formation. At other times aging or certain injuries can affect our foot making becomes flat.

Although flat feet do not usually accompanied by pain, it is important to assist you to try to relieve the discomfort that this problem generates, such as tiredness and fatigue in our feet after spending a lot of time standing or walking certain distances.

The first thing that you must do if you have flat foot is going to a podiatry consultation. A specialist is suitable person to confirm the diagnostic and give his recommendations.

The creation of orthopedic customized insoles is one of the first alternatives, it will allow to simulate the shape of your foot arch, relieving generated fatigue by this problem.

It is important t use shoes for insoles or orthopedic shoes as the case may be, these allow the insole get perfectly into the shoe, preventing itself is too tight our foot and generate even more discomfort.

To keep healthy feet must choose comfortable and quality shoes, manufactured by specialists in delicate feet shoes, thus you warrant that its design is convenient to facilitate the improvement of your foot flat.

Remember to follow the instructions of the podiatrist in order to maintain the health of your feet every day.

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