How to take care for hammertoes?

18 Sep 2013

Hammertoes are common malformation which causes one or more fingers to acquire a similar shape to that of a claw, which causes great discomfort for patients.

Sometimes they are inherited, but most of the times arise due to bad habits, like wearing shoes too tight, narrow or heel abuse, causing the tendons and muscles of the fingers, being constantly shy , end by preventing shortened our finger is straight.

If you suffer from hammertoes, in Alviflex we give some recommendations for you to discover how to take care them day by day.

  • The first and most important step is to use comfortable shoes, made with quality materials that have a wide last. Using narrow or tight shoes increase pain and discomfort and it can aggravate the manifestation preventing the realization of many everyday activities.

  • For patients who have hammertoes and other conditions such as bunions, it is essential to use extra wide shoes to avoid discomfort and allow foot comfort.

  • By rubbing, it is normal fingers are in hammer also have corns and calluses. The recommendation in these cases, in addition to use comfortable shoes, is the care of corns as such. Exfoliating and moisturizing the area will prevent them from becoming a painful problem.

  • The visit to the podiatrist is important to evaluate our condition and choose the most appropriate treatment. In addition to incorporate quality shoes, in cases in which hammertoes generate more discomfort, it is common the use of braces and rings with mara cushion to reduce frictions and pains caused by this condition.

In Alviflex we worry about the health of your feet, so we invite you to follow these recommendations and to improve your quality of life.

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