Shoes for sensitive feet in summer

06 Oct 2013

Whymy heel hurts mein summer? During the hot months sandals become our regular shoes in the search for ease some of the effect of high temperatures. That is why in the summer season it is common to begin to suffer pain in the heel, a condition that causes many patients consult a podiatrist.

This condition is known as talalgia, and Alviflex we explain you a little more about it.

The talalgia o heel pain may result from rheumatic problems or diseases such as high uric acid, however caused by the lack of adequate support for the foot is the most common. The use of sandals that do not optimally secure the foot, leaving provide good support, makes the fat located on our heel, designed to dampen our weight, moves which causes inflammation, discomfort and pain in this area.

If you do not choose shoes for sensitive feet in summer, like sandals with good support especially for sensitive feet, there is a high risk for talalgia. A timely recommendation, plus choose right shoes, is to alternate the sandals and comfortable anatomical shoes that offer extra cushioning for our feet.

Resting the area properly, avoid excessively long walks and apply ice to our heel at least twice a day is a good way to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain area. However, with more severe cases it is important to visit a podiatrist to rule out other complications.

Pay attention to the way we walk, the way we put the foot and the strength that we impart to stand on, it is also useful to detect potential problems and prevent heel pain.

From Alviflex we invite you to choose right shoes for the summer and see your specialist before any major discomfort in your heels.

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