How to take care of diabetic foot?

07 Oct 2013

Many patients with diabetes also suffer from diabetic foot, which occurs when for various vascular complications feet have ulcers, infections and destruction of deep tissue, a condition that can significantly complicate if not treated properly.

Not all diabetics have these manifestations, which are developed according to the evolution of the disease, care and other factors. But for those who have with diabetic foot cares are essential to prevent serious complications that can endanger the health and life of the patient.

So in Alviflex we give you some tips for you know how to take care for the diabetic foot and maintain health.

  • To avoid major complications in diabetic foot it is necessary to look after the diet and frequently monitor glycemia’s levels in the blood. Follow all the doctor's advices is essential if you want to avoid major complications.

  • Moderate exercise is also a great recommendation for people with diabetic foot, thus it improves circulation preventing the appearance ulcers, wounds and other problems.

  • Water temperature at the time of taking a bath is very important. The water should not be too hot or cold, between 35 and 37 degrees is appropriate, and the feet must dry well after bathing and use talcum powder to prevent odors and fungus proliferation that could complicate the manifestations.

  • Cut toenails straight across and file them to prevent that they become ingrown is an aspect that cannot be forgotten. When it comes to diabetic foot must avoid any situation that may generate an extra complication in the area.

    • The heat is very bad for people with diabetic foot, so that during the winter months it is advisable not to use stoves or heating near the area. In summer it is important to keep the area cool and use sunscreen if feet are exposed to the sun too long.

    • The use of appropriate shoes is certainly a very important aspect. It should be chosen for comfort and quality shoes, extra wide shoes to keep feet free and without suffering any pressure, rubbing or discomfort, situations that could aggravate the condition. Besides socks should be chosen of natural materials such as cotton or wool, allowing the foot to breathe properly.

    • If there are wounds, ulcers or discomfort, it is advisable not to apply any medication type without consulting a specialist, self-medication could aggravate the problem.

To take care the diabetic foot is necessary to maintain the patient's health, so from Alviflex we invite you to remember the importance of using proper shoes for sensitive feet, always choosing quality materials and products manufactured by specialists in the care of their feet.

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