How to take care of feet in the elderly?

08 Oct 2013

How to take care of feet in the elderly? As we age, our feet are becoming prone to suffer certain discomfort and conditions that may endanger our health and welfare. Increasing cares during the elderly is essential, so in Alviflex we will give you some basic tips respect foot care during this stage.

One of the most important aspects along our life, but especially in the elderly, is the choice of the right shoes. We must choose comfortable shoes that offer good support, with an anatomical shape that fits the foot properly without causing discomfort. This applies especially for patients with diabetes, gout, and circulation problems. Those who suffer from bunions or other type of foot condition should also choose extra wide shoes, which will help to reduce the possibility of rubbings, wounds and the formation of corns and calluses.

Hygiene is also a fundamental aspect, as the elderly people are prone to the formation of fungus in feet and nails because of the difficulty to properly wash and dry feet. After the bath is very important to dry between the toes to prevent fungal infection just as it is recommended special feet deodorants every time you use shoes.

During the elderly podiatrist’s visits should be regular, and often patients cannot review your foot in a deep shape, so they need a specialist to do it for them. Also if you have foot problems such as diabetic foot, bunions, malformations or other condition, review of a specialist is even more important.

In Alviflex we worry about the health of your feet, so we invite you to follow these recommendations and day by day to take care of this important part of your body

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