How to take care of feet in summer?

10 Oct 2013

Warm months come and our feet are the main protagonists. We want to show off beautiful in sandals, open shoes and during our beach walks, but it is important not to forget that during these months our feet require special care to keep healthy. In Alviflex we give you some tips to achieve it.


To begin it is very important that when you go to the beach apply sunscreen on your feet to avoid burns and discomfort, you do not forget that skin of area is very delicate. Another factor to consider is the presence of fungus, which increase during these months due to constant exhibition our feet to damp from the pools and the beach.

Dry them thoroughly after any bath, doing special emphasis on removing water from the area between the toes, and use deodorant for feet is essential to prevent this condition.

In the summer use of sandals increases outstandingly, so many people begin to experience pain in the heel, a typical suffering of the era. While sandals are the coolest option, you must also use comfortable shoes that offer adequate cushioning to our feet to avoid discomfort in this area.

If you have any foot condition is important not to forget attending to during the summer months, as there are shoes for sensitive feet designed especially for warmer months, a great alternative that does not compromise on anything the freshness and health of our feet.

As usual, in Alviflex we invite you to look after the health of your feet during the summer, following all these tips to keep them healthy and in good condition.

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