Keys to maintaining your feet healthy

14 Oct 2013

Our feet are the support of our body, but we seldom stop to care for them as they deserve. From our daily habits to medical visits, feet require special care to stay healthy over the years.

To begin it is very important to choose the right shoes for us. The use of comfortable shoes that provide good support to our foot while allowing that our footstep be more anatomic, it is ideal to keep them healthy. These help to avoid many problems derived from the use of improper shoes, like a bunion or metatarsalgia.

If you suffer from foot problems do not forget that you should choose shoes for sensitive feet, especially suited to your condition. People with bunion or diabetic foot should opt for extra wide shoes, while those who suffer from flat feet or problems with tread will need to see a specialist for a complete overhaul.

The use of orthopedic insoles always requires prior medical indication.

Furthermore, and in order to prevent fungus on our feet, it is important to adequately clean them, dry them thoroughly after bathing, using natural materials socks and quality shoes to allow the foot to breathe properly.

The use of deodorants for the area and the prevention to prevent the spread of fungal infections in high-risk areas, such as pools and public showers, it is also important for the care of our feet.

Do not forget that before any discomfort or particular condition you should consult a podiatrist. Take care of the health of your feet every day, follow these recommendations and do not forget to dedicate them all the necessary attentions to keep them healthy.

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