How to correct the supinator foot?

15 Oct 2013

If your arch is too high and the erosion of your shoes usually occurs toward the outside of the foot, is likely to suffer supinator foot.
Sufferers may face daily pain and discomfort typical of this condition, which is inherited or develops due to an ankle injury.


It is important to correct the supinator foot, as patients who have it can face joint pain as back, hip or knee, and be more prone to injuries such as torn ligaments, putting their health at risk.

The first step to correct the supinator foot is to go to a podiatrist to confirm the diagnosis. Once a specialist has guaranteed that this is the problem, you can opt for various treatments. The use of orthopedic shoes is one of the most frequent, as this type of footwear help to alleviate the problem while providing comfort.

Another alternative to treat supinator foot is the use orthopedic insoles with the respective shoes for insoles, which allows the last perfectly fit to the shoe without causing discomfort.

It is very important that those who have supinator foot chosen shoes that offer very anatomical last to reduce the impact that occurs with this type of feet, so it is essential to invest in high quality footwear designed for the health of our feet.

Do not forget that if you have supinator foot, it is essential to purchase shoes at a specialty store for podiatric conditions, thus you warrant the quality of shoes and wellbeing of your feet.

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