How to care for nails in summer?

16 Oct 2013

The arrival of the heat makes the use of sandals, flip flops and open shoes increase, leaving our feet at the sight of everyone, so it is important to know how to care nails in summer. During the hot months we frequently visit pools, beaches and lakes, letting moisture often be installed on the feet and nails with serious consequences in podiatric terms.


Apart from the aesthetics of a good pedicure in Alviflex we will give you some tips for you to discover how to care for your nails in summer and keep them healthy.

  • When you go to the beach, pool or other wet area, dry your feet and nails well after bathing and avoid the constant use of wet sandals and flip flops. Instead always have with you a pair of comfortable shoes with good support for use once your feet are properly dried.

  • Wear painted toenails in summer is common, the problem is that many people spend weeks with the same polish which makes your nails turn yellow and are much more prone to mildew. It is important to change your nail polish every two weeks, and use a clear gloss before application of a nail polish color, thus you will keep them healthy and fungus free.

  • Always cut your nails well, following the contour of the finger and preferably straight. Clean them frequently especially if you use many sandals or flip-flops in summer, because during this time of year they tend to get dirty and accumulate more bacteria that could cause you foot problems.

  • Do not forget always choose comfortable shoes to let you keep your feet ventilated, thus you will avoid excessive sweating that can lead you to suffer from nail and foot fungus.

In Alviflex we invite you to follow our advice and keep your nails healthy during the summer.

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