How should be an orthopedic shoe for flat feet?

17 Oct 2013

A flat foot is one of the most common foot problems, the arc absence is because the tissues that hold our feet joints are looser than usual, preventing that tension form the arc characteristic in the sole of the feet .


It is usual to present since childhood, although it is also common in adulthood due to injuries, illness or even the natural aging process. Those who  suffer of flat feet, although they do not suffer from significant impediments in daily life, can confront pains in the feet and ankles and fatigue when walking long distances, spend much time standing or doing certain sports.

To improve the quality of life and avoid this type of discomfort, it is recommended orthopedic shoes with certain characteristics, but, how do we know if we are choosing the right one? In Alviflex give you the keys you need to know about this topic.

  • Before deciding to acquire orthopedic shoes is important to go to a medical review, only a specialist can tell you in an accurate way your condition and make you the best recommendations for your case.

  • The materials are essential when it comes to orthopedic shoes, and if you want to maintain the health of your feet you should choose soft, comfortable materials and they allow your feet to breathe properly in both summer and winter.

  • When choosing an orthopedic shoe for flat foot is important to consider the design. The tip of the same shoe should be wide and allow the fingers are located in comfort, without tighten or creating any type of rubbing and discomfort.

  • The soles should also be flexible and provide good support to the foot, ensuring comfort to resist walking long distances without discomfort.

  • Orthopedic shoes for flat feet should have an insole of arch support. The same cannot help that the arc is formed, but to support the foot giving, while using the way it should have if it had a natural arch.

  • At present there are many designs that we can be found in orthopedic shoes. In Alviflex we have a broad range for you are always in fashion while your feet are comfortable and healthy every day. 

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