What is metatarsalgia and how to relieve it?

21 Oct 2013

When our metatarsal located in the front of the foot, just before our fingers, swollen, hurts or annoys us, we may be suffering from metatarsalgia, a very common problem.

Metatarsalgia affects the majority of the time to patients with podiatric conditions such as bunions, flat feet or cavous foot, however very active people doing impact sports, who are obese, as well as using improper footwear or heels shoes too often, are often too victims of metatarsalgia.

The burning sensation in the area as well as discomfort in the metatarsal during impact sports, walking or wearing heels are the classic signs of this condition, which should be checked by a podiatrist.

Not is something extremely serious but larger lesions can lead to complications, so in Alviflex we recommend you follow these tips to improve and relieve pain of metatarsalgia.

  • Begin to use comfortable shoes with good anatomical support to help you to walk without any discomfort.

  • If you have been diagnosed with this condition, it is advisable that you start using shoes for sensitive feet, invest in quality materials to ensure the comfort of your feet.

  • Do not use heel constantly, this kind of shoes at put all your weight on the metatarsus, increase the discomfort.

  • Avoid impact activities and choose those in which your feet and joints do not suffer.

  • Follow your doctor's instructions. It is common to use anti-inflammatory to relieve discomfort. It is also important to rest your feet properly.

  • Ice packs applied for 15 minutes in the area, will help you to reduce inflammation. Following this procedure several times a day.

Do not forget the importance of wearing comfortable shoes to prevent the metatarsalgia become a major problem. Watch your metatarsal and maintain the health of your feet every day, following the advice we have given you in Alviflex.

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