Choosing summer sandals for delicate feet

23 Oct 2013

When it's hot it is often impossible for us to wear closed shoes, but having delicate feet we not always ventured to try sandals. However there are models on the market designed especially for those women who cannot use any type of shoe.


In Alviflex we give you some tips so you know choose summer sandals for delicate feet. Follow these recommendations and chooses the ideal model:

  • Shoes for sensitive feet are designed especially for those who suffer from various pains, and one of its main features is an anatomical form that is comfortable and soft to the foot. Your summer sandal must have a form of this type, thus you will avoid calluses, corns and heel discomfort.

  • Another important aspect when choosing a delicate foot sandal is that it preferably holds the heel. Sandals type flip flops with overuse generate a lot of pain and discomfort in the heel, and it's good to remember that the delicate feet need good support. Another good option is closed back sandals.

  • If you suffer from bunions or hammertoes completely avoids sandals models of narrow-toed or strips that squeeze your foot in this area. These increase the inconvenience and discomfort, also accentuating the problem.

  • It is essential to choose a quality summer sandal, preferably made from a natural material such as leather to allow your foot to breathe properly and be comfortable at all times.

  • Finally, before buying a sandal is good that you try it and walk a little around the store, making sure it does not cause any rubbing or discomfort in your delicate feet and that it is really comfortable for you.


Follow the advice we give you in Alviflex and choose the perfect sandal for your delicate feet.

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