How to choose shoes in the elderly

22 Oct 2013

The foot care in the elderly, as in any other time in our lives, it is essential. But one aspect that cannot be neglected is the choice of the right shoes that allow the foot is comfortable, stable and free of discomfort. Many older people have foot problems: bunions, deformities, diabetic foot, circulation problems, among others, so choose comfortable shoes become even more important.


It is essential to choose a right shoe for type of person’s foot, if you have these conditions, the key is to choose quality shoes and extra wide shoes, so that the feet are comfortable at all times.

It is also important to pay attention to the support and design. They must be anatomical shoes, made in good materials and offer good support to avoid pains or discomfort when walking.

We must take into account when choosing shoes in the elderly it is recommended models with nonslip soles, in this way prevent falls. Choosing good shoes to be at home is equally important, because often it is spent much of the day at home. The recommendations are the same; you should always take into account the quality and comfort of the feet.

All these aspects are important not only to look after those feet with injuries or specific conditions, but also to avoid the appearance of new problems arisen from the use of improper shoes during the elderly.

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