Treatments for nail fungus

24 Oct 2013

The nail fungus is one of the most common foot problems, and also a condition that causes great discomfort for the patient. Although nail fungus has cure, the treatment is usually very long, requiring constancy in its application if you want to completely remove mycosis.

In Alviflex we want to remind you to avoid fungus is important to maintain a proper cleanliness in the area using cotton stockings and shoes for delicate feet made of materials that allow our feet breathe, such as leather. Thus it is prevented the accumulation of sweat and humidity that encourage the appearance of fungus on the feet and nails.

But once you are there, what to do? The first recommendation, especially in more advanced cases, is to visit a podiatrist for a full review. A specialist is the best partner to give effective recommendations to help us to eliminate and prevent nail fungus.

There are five types of nail fungus that are determined by the way in which they appear and the cause that produces it. Some take longer to disappear than others, but in any case the treatment is usually a combination of topical antifungal products to apply directly to the toenail (usually in cream or varnish) and pills taken orally to combat fungus.

It is good to remember that patience is essential in the treatment of feet fungus, as the patient can take even a year to heal his nails again, much more if you do not discharge the treatment.

In cases where mycosis has moved forward too and represents a real health problem for the patient, you can explain the possibility of carrying out a removal surgical of the nail, but before taking this decision it should always follow first an extensive antifungal treatment to evaluate the results.

In Alviflex we are concerned about the health of your feet, so if you suffer from nail fungus we recommend you to use shoes for delicate feet made with quality materials, and follow the recommended treatment to the letter by your podiatrist for a speedy recovery.

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