How to choose the right summer shoes?

28 Oct 2013

The arrival of summer makes our mind focus on choosing fresh garments, and shoes is no exception. Sandals, open-toed shoes that allow step forward of air and make us feel more relieved from high temperatures.

But in most cases the summer shoes choices are incorrect, resulting in aches and pains in our feet, heels and knees, which can affect our health.

So in Alviflex we give you the keys to discover how to choose the right summer shoes and to maintain the welfare of your feet.

To begin considering that beyond of cosmetic surgery or freshness, it is important to choose comfortable and quality shoes that offer good support to our feet to walk without discomfort. Those shoes completely flat and without any anatomical shape often cause discomfort when we walk, it could translate into significant pain in feet, heels and joints if they are used frequently.

Besides summer shoes must hold properly secure our feet, and be chosen based on our podiatric condition, for example, a person suffering from flat foot or orthopedic problems should choose delicate feet shoes instead of any shoes simply fresh.

You take note that some models, such as flip flops should be used to go to the beach or travel short distances and steadily, as they do not provide good support to our feet. Similarly if you use orthopedic insoles, you should create a balance between open and closed shoes, in order to continue to use them most of the time.

There is diversity of models of orthopedic shoes, extra wide shoes and comfortable shoes ideal for summer, which will help you to maintain the health and comfort of your feet on hot days. Consult our catalog and find the right one for you.

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