Consequences of inappropriate shoes

30 Oct 2013

Beyond fashion or aesthetics, shoes achieve a very important function, making that we get to walk comfortably and safely without harming our feet. But often the choice of inappropriate shoes away from us a good, just for causing significant damage to our health. In Alviflex we will present some of the consequences of choosing shoes that are not right for your foot.


  • One of the most common signs that you are not choosing comfortable and quality shoes are corns and calluses, which are formed due to rubbing that are produced when we choose shoes that are not suitable for our foot, or whose materials are not best to maintain the health of the area. Corns and calluses generate significant discomfort, besides being unattractive.

  • The so painful and unpleasant bunions are formed as product also bad shoes choice. Although in some cases can have bone prone to the formation of bunions, most often they appear using shoes very narrow at the tip, which causes the fingers are tight promoting bone output. Long term bunions can compromise the health of the foot, as well as affecting other joints.

  • Doing exercise with wrong shoes and choose shoes that does not have an anatomical insole where our foot can rest comfortably, increases the tendency to suffer from bone spurs, a common condition in both athletes and people who walk frequently wearing inappropriate shoes . The chilblains produce great pain and discomfort, in more severe cases requiring surgical interventions to relieve them.

  • The joint problems, such as heel pain, ankle, knee and hip, and other foot conditions such as hammertoes, are also produced by the constant use of inappropriate and uncomfortable shoes.

In Alviflex we remind you that it is very important to choose suitable and comfortable shoes for your foot, in order to maintain your health. If you suffer from any foot condition you should always opt for shoes for delicate feet that help you feel comfortable without sacrificing your well-being of your feet.

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