Ingrowing Toenails: tips to alleviate this condition

01 Nov 2013

Having good foot hygiene and choice of comfortable shoes, are two important steps if we want to maintain the health of our feet. But when we either run different risks of foot conditions, one of the most common are ingrowing toenails, a manifestations that causes intense pain and great discomfort.

Those who opt for tight-fitting or wide shoes, or people who do not cut your nails properly, are prime candidates to suffer from this problem, especially when every day is walking significant distances.

Similarly if you have nails that are born down, or they are too thick, it is common to suffer from ingrowing toenails. In these cases, where the tendency is higher, it is very important to wear shoes for delicate feet, to ensure comfort and help to keep the area in good condition. It is good to remember that the shoes must be our size; we never should be tight or too large, if we consider this measure favor preventing ingrowing toenails.

To relieve discomfort caused by an ingrowing toenail, it is best to immerse the feet in warm to hot water four times a day for a few minutes. This will make the skin in the area is tender and can be it more easily manipulated.

Then you can gently massage the area where the nail is ingrowing, and we will alleviate the reddening and pain caused by this condition. If in addition there is infection, it is essential to clean gently with a cotton ball soaked in some antiseptic substance to prevent further complications.

At the time of cutting nails is important never to round the tips, this favors the ingrowth of toenail, they should be cut as straight and if it is necessary you can file a bit.

Following these recommendations we give you in Alviflex, you will achieve to maintain your healthy nails and feet.

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