What is athlete's foot?

04 Nov 2013

We have often heard to talk about athlete's foot, and of course we all know that it is a condition on the feet, but most people think it is just something that affects those who play sports, when in fact we are all prone to suffer it.

Athlete's foot is the name that it has been given to mycotic infection caused by fungus, one of the most common conditions for which we turn to a podiatrist. It is located between the edges of our fingers and toes, on the sole and in the interdigital folds, causing itching, burning, discomfort and odor.

Athlete's foot is generated when we are exposed to damp surfaces in which the fungus lives, for example in public showers, locker rooms, swimming pools, etc. In addition it can also pass on person to person, and proliferate due to damp on our feet generated by improper drying after a bath, by the use of inappropriate shoes or sock of synthetic materials. Excessive perspiration in the feet is also a common triggered for athlete's foot.

The first step for its treatment is to go to a podiatrist, who after examination will confirm if it is an athlete's foot or other condition. Antimycotic treatment is often a good solution, but at the same time should be taken important precautions as dry thoroughly after bathing our feet, and use socks and comfortable shoes made of quality materials, thus ensuring that our feet will have ventilation, avoiding sweating and reducing conditions that promote the occurrence of athlete's foot.

Avoiding tight shoes is also an alternative and healthy recommended, especially for those who suffer from other conditions such as bunions or hammertoes. In such cases it is recommended the use of shoes for delicate feet, which will help you to maintain your health and reduce probabilities of suffer fungus.

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