The effect of wearing heels on our feet

06 Nov 2013

Heeled shoes have become a symbol of sensuality and femininity. But overuse is felt, causing discomfort and injuries on our feet that can become a major problem over time.

The choice of comfortable footwear that suits our needs is essential, however many women give a little more priority to the aesthetic aspects of the shoes, forgetting the need for proper shoes according to your foot type, age and daily routine , which often leads this important part of the body to the limit.

Daily use of the heel begins to affect bones and muscles in our feet, concentrating all the body weight on the front foot and causing it to suffer excessively. With the current designing heels, too high in many cases, the calf muscle, located at the bottom of our legs, are also affected by shortening its size, which can lead to injury and discomfort.

Use heels too narrow at the front leads to the formation of bunions and hammertoes, two of the most common foot problems today. Corns, calluses, pain in the sole of the foot, malformations and common complaints are part of the complications that can arise when using high heels becomes excessive.

The choice of shoes for sensitive feet and quality shoes is very important, but also should not ignore the need for comfortable footwear, especially in our daily routine. The recommendation is to alternate the use of shoes with shoes that offer better support to our feet, in this way, we get to keep the health of the area and avoid the long list of ailments and problems arising from the use of inappropriate footwear .

In Alviflex we care about the health of your feet, so we invite you to take care of day to day and consult your podiatrist if you show discomfort or pain resulting from the overuse of heel.

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