Use comfortable shoes is important for our health

08 Nov 2013

Shoes are one of the garments that arouse more passions, an ideal accessory to complement any clothes. But beyond the aesthetic aspect or fashion, the correct choice of shoes is an important point when it comes to maintain our health.

Walking is part of our daily life, but do so using improper shoes, beyond simple momentary discomfort, can cause us significant health problems. Many diseases and conditions in joints such as the ankle, knee, hips and even the own back, resulting from the use of inappropriate shoes.

In this way buying comfortable shoes that provide adequate support to our foot, with anatomical sole for convenience and to reduce the impact of walking on the joints, it is essential to be healthy every day.

For women, excessive use of heel can lead to various diseases, affecting the base of the foot and generating significant pains in important muscles like the calf muscles. So it is advisable to choose heels slightly high, opting for models that do not sacrifice comfort or health of the feet.

And those people, above comfort, they prefer being fashionable, using pointy shoes that leave little space for the toes are comfortable, have a significant propensity to suffer from major foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes or calluses.

Choose comfortable and quality shoes to perform our daily activities is the best way to keep our feet healthy, while we prevent from simple conditions like fungus, to more complex foot problems that may significantly affect our daily routine.

If you suffer from pains and discomfort in the area, in Alviflex we recommend you visit your podiatrist for a complete review, and at the same time we invite you to start using the right shoes for your foot type.

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