How to choose shoes according to my foot?

15 Nov 2013

We spent most of our day wearing shoes, and yet we continue to see the shoes only as an accessory when it is an essential part of the health of our feet. And that is when we have any special foot condition we must choose the shoes that more we benefit, minimizing the impact or discomfort to make our daily tasks.


Regardless of our foot type, is essential to choose comfortable shoes and flexible, they offer us good anatomical support to walk properly, this is the best way to prevent future discomfort and injury.

If you suffer from bunions is necessary to avoid high-heeled models and to opt for extra wide shoes are not narrow at the tip, thus we allow the foot is comfortable and avoid the pain and the bunion constantly rubbing with the shoe producing calluses.

People with flat feet should wear an anatomically shoes with good support that allows the foot is comfortable and also allow the use of orthopedic insoles, normally required to provide the foot arch does not have naturally.

If instead you suffer from cavus foot is very important to wear soft-soled shoes, that are wide and offer you a good support, this type of shoes will help you to alleviate the discomfort. But it should consult a podiatrist to receive for specific recommendations in each case.

You do not forget always to buy your shoes in the afternoon, when the foot is more swollen, this way you make sure that it will not produce rubbing or discomfort that may come from pain and calluses.

In Alviflex we remember you the importance of buying quality shoes that you feel comfortable without jeopardizing your health, always taking into account your foot type to come up with the right decision.

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