Tips for caring for delicate feet

18 Nov 2013

When our feet have some specific podiatric condition or simply are sensitive to the formation of calluses, blisters and other topical conditions, it can be said that has delicate feet. In these cases it is very important daily care that we give to avoid major discomfort or injury that could compromise our health.

That's why in Alviflex we give you some important tips for you to discover how to care for your delicate feet.


  1. If you have delicate feet it is important to wear the right shoes that allow you to be comfortable but above all healthy. The best thing is buy shoes for delicate feet made with quality materials that provide an anatomical footbed, good support, adequate ventilation and which are tailored to specific podiatric conditions with which you accounts. The common footwear and compromise can hurt your health significantly. Also you should avoid tight shoes or too wide, both are bad for you.

  2. The type of socks you wear is equally important, especially when our feet suffer continuously from corns, calluses, odor or fungi. Always chooses socks 100% natural materials like cotton or wool in winter, because they allow the foot to breathe properly, while reducing the possibility that by rubbing it suffers callus and discomfort.

  3. The delicate feet require special attention: we wash them properly and deep with an antibacterial soap, dry them thoroughly after bathing, using deodorant for feet and perform a thorough pedicure every 15 days. In the case of calluses and calluses proper hydration the area with a special lotion is critical. Regardless of the type of condition you have, these measures will help keep your delicate feet in good condition.

  4. For the majority of people go to a podiatrist on a regular basis is not common, but if you suffer from delicate feet in Alviflex we recommend you visiting your podiatrist at least once a year for a full podiatry. A specialist will ensure the state of your feet and give you the best advice to take care according the condition. A periodic review will help you prevent injuries to joints such as ankles, knees or hip.

Do not forget to wear shoes for delicate feet and devote special attention to this area, so you can maintain your feet healthy and in perfect condition.

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