What are the benefits of custom orthopedic insoles?

22 Nov 2013

The use of orthopedic insoles has become popular, but often in the wrong way, making users think that this type of accessories is available in a generic way without previous foot study.

If it is a simple insole for achieve that a shoe was tighter, you can opt for something generic, but when it comes to correct problems, relieving some condition of our feet, or perform foot treatment, custom orthopedic insoles with the only viable option.

These are carried out after a thorough medical evaluation where is determinate patient's foot problems, and better treatments to improve the condition. If the doctor considers appropriate the use of insoles, it will proceed to the manufacture of a special last for the user’s foot; custom designed and intended to improve a particular condition.

Custom insoles allow to solve directly a foot problem without getting worse the condition, which itself may occur with the use of inadequate lasts. Combining the use of these with shoes for insoles is essential, this way we guarantee that the last fit to perfection without causing rubbing or discomfort in the patient's foot.

The custom insoles are made of suitable materials in a highly professional manner, to ensure the improvement in quality of life and condition of the user. Take also them with shoes for insoles, significantly improving the treatment, avoiding any kind of discomfort and ensuring the health of our feet.

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