How to choose footwear for the diabetic foot?

26 Nov 2013

Vascular alterations that occur with diabetes often usually affect the extremities, with particular emphasis on the feet. This condition is known as diabetic foot, a condition that requires care to avoid future complications from the wounds and edema which are formed due to circulatory problems.

One of the most important is the choice of footwear for the diabetic foot, a shoe designed to prevent discomfort in the area. In Alviflex we care about the health of your feet, so we give you some tips to consider when choosing your shoes if you suffer from this condition:

  • It is essential to choose comfortable shoes that allow your feet be comfortable, without discomfort or grazing.

  • In the case that the foot be very swollen or suffer from other conditions such as bunions or calluses, you should opt for extra wide shoes. Those close to the ends and heels should be avoided.

  • Are not recommended models that leave the foot free, it is best to opt for designs that cover and protect it appropriately.

  • It is important to choose quality materials, preferably seamless, allowing the foot to breathe, and slip-resistant sole to prevent possible drops.

  • Remember that in case of diabetic foot you should always choose shoes for sensitive feet, made with high quality standards to protect the area of injury that can lead to major complications.

  • You should always use shoes with socks, they must be made of natural materials such as wool and cotton, and do not adjust the foot. The socks with tight elastic should be avoided.

  • A good recommendation is to buy the shoes at the end of the day, thus the foot will be swollen ensuring you will not pick a very small size, the chosen size should always be comfortable.

It is also necessary to ventilate the shoes and maintain foot hygiene to avoid fungal infections and other conditions. Likewise in cases of diabetic foot is important to visit a podiatrist regularly.

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