Controls excess sweating in the feet

06 Dec 2013

Although at first glance may seem a minor problem, excessive sweating in our feet brings two important complications that affect our daily lives: the bad smell in the area and the formation of foot fungus, one more foot problems frequently generates inconvenience and discomfort to the sufferer.

But you can avoid this condition by following some of the tips that we provide in Alviflex.


  • The first aspect that you should pay attention is the choice of shoes and stockings. Always choose comfortable shoes made with quality materials, preferably skin, thus allowing the foot to breathe preventing excessive sweating. Similarly socks should be synthetic and to favor ventilation of our feet, many brands have this type of socks, which will be of great help.

  • Wash your feet very well, preferably with a foot soap that allows you to deep clean and remove bacteria that cause sweating and bad odor. To prevent the formation of fungus always dry the area well, and make sure that it is not a trace of damp.

  • It is important to use deodorant for feet. These products are specially designed to control sweating and bad odor being helpful. A natural alternative is sodium bicarbonate.

  • Finally you do not forget to choose the shoes according to your foot type, thus guarantee their health and comfort. If you have foot conditions such as hammertoes or bunions, avoid too tight shoes and prefer extra wide shoes, in this way you will prevent your feet from sweating too much. Do not forget to wear shoes according to time of year and choose coolest shoes during hot days.

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