Tips for choosing shoes for sensitive feet

11 Dec 2013

It is understood by those suffering sensitive feet of any podiatric condition or has some kind of sensitivity in this area, which means that, besides requiring special care, you cannot use any type of shoe or the health of your feet would be compromised.


Poor quality shoes, which beat feet and make us feel uncomfortable, are not recommended for those who have sensitive feet. Aware of this, in Alviflex we give you some tips to wisely choose shoes for delicate feet.

  • The first is to consider the diagnosis and the opinion of your podiatrist, because depending on the type of condition you have you should choosing the shoes most suitable for delicate feet. A person suffering from flat foot has different needs to who have bunions, so it is important to be aware of the condition.

  • It is essential that your shoes last for delicate feet be anatomical and comfortable, this way you can walk in them for hours without having discomfort.

  • The support of the shoes for sensitive feet must be efficient, thus avoiding discomfort in the heels and ankles. This point is especially important if you intend to get physical with footwear for delicate feet.

  • No type of shoe should ever produce friction or discomfort, much less when we seek one for sensitive feet. Therefore are recommended materials such as leather, which also allows the foot to breathe properly, reduces the possibility of discomfort by friction.

  • It is important to understand that once you have sensitive feet, you should buy shoes in specialty stores that offer designs and lasts indicated by the type of problem, thus we fully guarantee the welfare of our feet.

In Alviflex we care about the health of your feet, so if you suffer from sensitive feet we invite you to visit our catalog of special shoes for you and choose the model that best suits your style.

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