Foot cares for diabetics

18 Dec 2013

Diabetes is a condition that requires constant care and attention, but not only nutritional level, but also about general health. The vascular and circulation problems are common conditions when such a disease and can lead the patient to a complicated medical condition known as diabetic foot.


Not all patients with diabetes have diabetic foot necessarily, but to avoid it will depend on to continue exactly as prescribed by your doctor and take care of the maximum power, and to implement other diabetic foot care in order to control our health and keep it in the best possible condition.

The main point that cannot be ignored in this aspect is the use of comfortable shoes with good support that allows the foot to be comfortable inside the shoe, promoting maximum blood circulation. If you suffer from podiatric conditions such as bunions or hammertoes, is fundamental besides comfortable, we choose an extra wide shoe designed for foot will not be tight inside it.

Always choose shoes for delicate feet that are designed anatomically shaped, protecting the most of the area, and takes special stockings for diabetics, cotton or wool without garter that do not fit the foot or ankle, keeping in good circulation.

It is important to devote attention to the feet during the washing, sanitizing the area well, drying in depth after bathing and using deodorant daily, in order to avoid excessive perspiration and damp which can lead to fungus formation.

Also in Alviflex we recommend that if you have diabetes mark an annual visit to the podiatrist, to check the health of your feet and make sure that they are always in the best condition.

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