The health of our feet is very important, not only to avoid aches and pains in this delicate area, but it is the support of our body, when our feet are not healthy other joints can also suffer, as it is the case with our knees.

When our feet have some specific podiatric condition or simply are sensitive to the formation of calluses, blisters and other topical conditions, it can be said that has delicate feet. In these cases it is very important daily care that we give to avoid major discomfort or injury that could compromise our health.

We have often heard to talk about athlete's foot, and of course we all know that it is a condition on the feet, but most people think it is just something that affects those who play sports, when in fact we are all prone to suffer it.

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Alviflex is a brand that distributes internationally stylish and comfortable shoes for women. Extra-wide shoes and shoes for orthotics.

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