Beyond fashion or aesthetics, shoes achieve a very important function, making that we get to walk comfortably and safely without harming our feet. But often the choice of inappropriate shoes away from us a good, just for causing significant damage to our health. In Alviflex we will present some of the consequences of choosing shoes that are not right for your foot.

The arrival of summer makes our mind focus on choosing fresh garments, and shoes is no exception. Sandals, open-toed shoes that allow step forward of air and make us feel more relieved from high temperatures.

The nail fungus is one of the most common foot problems, and also a condition that causes great discomfort for the patient. Although nail fungus has cure, the treatment is usually very long, requiring constancy in its application if you want to completely remove mycosis.

When it's hot it is often impossible for us to wear closed shoes, but having delicate feet we not always ventured to try sandals. However there are models on the market designed especially for those women who cannot use any type of shoe.

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Alviflex is a brand that distributes internationally stylish and comfortable shoes for women. Extra-wide shoes and shoes for orthotics.

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