Vascular alterations that occur with diabetes often usually affect the extremities, with particular emphasis on the feet. This condition is known as diabetic foot, a condition that requires care to avoid future complications from the wounds and edema which are formed due to circulatory problems.

The use of orthopedic insoles has become popular, but often in the wrong way, making users think that this type of accessories is available in a generic way without previous foot study.

When our feet have some specific podiatric condition or simply are sensitive to the formation of calluses, blisters and other topical conditions, it can be said that has delicate feet. In these cases it is very important daily care that we give to avoid major discomfort or injury that could compromise our health.

We spent most of our day wearing shoes, and yet we continue to see the shoes only as an accessory when it is an essential part of the health of our feet. And that is when we have any special foot condition we must choose the shoes that more we benefit, minimizing the impact or discomfort to make our daily tasks.

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