Shoes are one of the garments that arouse more passions, an ideal accessory to complement any clothes. But beyond the aesthetic aspect or fashion, the correct choice of shoes is an important point when it comes to maintain our health.

Heeled shoes have become a symbol of sensuality and femininity. But overuse is felt, causing discomfort and injuries on our feet that can become a major problem over time.

We have often heard to talk about athlete's foot, and of course we all know that it is a condition on the feet, but most people think it is just something that affects those who play sports, when in fact we are all prone to suffer it.

Having good foot hygiene and choice of comfortable shoes, are two important steps if we want to maintain the health of our feet. But when we either run different risks of foot conditions, one of the most common are ingrowing toenails, a manifestations that causes intense pain and great discomfort.

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Alviflex is a brand that distributes internationally stylish and comfortable shoes for women. Extra-wide shoes and shoes for orthotics.

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