Quality Orthopedic Shoes

Best quality, effective results.

In Alviflex we only use first class materials, we select the best leather for our shoes in order to be flexible, resistant and elastic, this feature provides to all our models a great softness and breathable solution. 

In order to adapt to feet in need of special care, most of the soles and heels are made using light and flexible materials so are impact absorbing while walking and provide extra comfort. Depending on the shoe we also use leather soles. 


We design your feet’s health

Everything starts when our designers draw a draft of the shoe, after that, we introduce into the computer to get a three-dimensional model. That allows us to create the patterns to produce each of our models.

Comfort is essential, but is also important being stylish and fashionable, offering a wide and width range, to be able to use orthotics on it.


We take care of even the smallest detail.

The making up of our collections requires a high qualified professional team, with the know-how transmitted from generation to generation. We can offer a wonderful finish in our shoes thanks to our qualified team and to our raw materials.

We take care of even the smallest detail during all the production process so we can offer our customers a high quality and comfortable shoe.


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Alviflex is a brand that distributes internationally stylish and comfortable shoes for women. Extra-wide shoes and shoes for orthotics.

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