Women's Orthopedic Shoes - Spring - Summer 


Women's casual orthopedic shoes 

Our new spring-summer collection of women’s casual orthopedic shoes, presents stylish shoes with an original and casual look, designed for being comfortable and fresh as needed in summer-spring season.

We have focused in the shoe’s capacity, as it must be comfortable, all of them have special wide and removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics.

Alviflex is recognized for using first class materials, in our store you can find all sizes and widths, as every foot is unique. 


Women's dress orthopedic shoes

 We know how difficult could be to have foot problems and not finding dress footwear for feet in need of special care. Our new spring-summer women’s dress orthopedic shoes collection presents an attractive, fashionable and stylish line, which offers shoes that are as beautiful as they are comfortable.

Taking care of the design and the comfort, these dress shoes are specially designed to all women with delicate feet who want to combine health and  shoe style.

We can offer wide shoes but still stylish and fashionable, which can accommodate custom orthotics by having a removable insole. Our dress shoes are from 12 to 16 widths for all kind of feet and feet’s health problems.

As you can easily notice the materials and confection are made in high quality, and suitable for all occasions. 


Women's extra wide shoes

 We are women’s extra-wide shoes manufacturers since 1980, our therapeutic and extra-wide shoes are highly recommended by podiatrist and doctors, because of their great adaptability to feet in need of special care. 

Manufactured with great care, these shoes are designed for women who need stylish extra-wide shoes. We offer 12, 13, 14 and 16 width.

This therapeutic shoes collection is made using first quality materials, and the elastic elements provide comfort so you feel comfortable when wearing.  

All our shoes have a removable insole so you can accommodate you custom orthotics. It also helps your feet to feel comfortable. 

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Alviflex is a brand that distributes internationally stylish and comfortable shoes for women. Extra-wide shoes and shoes for orthotics.

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